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            About Us

            Add:No.10-2-8 Northeast 7th Street, HuaShengDa Mould Industrial Park,Dalian Development Zone, Dalian, China
            Tel:0411-39014829 /0411-39014821
            Dalian Golden Trust Precision Mould Engineering Co.,Ltd,founded in 2004,is located in the beautiful Bohai Bay,northeast old industrial base,Dalian,Liaoning,China.
            Our team has been committed to mold industry, and constantly learning the international advanced manufacturing technology and production management system, keep improving on the job, pursuing the product quality of excellence."Rigorous, innovation and dedication" are our belief and we hope to create the outstanding product with friends from all over the world together!We - trustworthy!
            Our company main business scope: injection mold, stamping die, die-casting mold design and processing, precision parts processing; Injection molding product design and development, molded parts production, processing, and assembling. Company products now cover living supplies, electronics industry, machinery and equipment, medical products, automotive industry, and so on.
            Our company major equipment:MITSUBISHI Wire-cut Machine, MITSUBISHI GENSPARK Machine,Taiwan SheHong(Hartford) Machining Center, Beijing engraving machine ,boring、 milling、 grinding and lathe machines made in Taiwan etc; the mould injection equipment is imported from Japan NISSEI, from 40T to 1000T.
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